Media Channels

Email - One of the most powerful traffic channels available online today is Email Traffic. Did you know that Email traffic has one of the highest ROI’s available in today’s online marketplace? Red Network has some of the highest quality, targeted email traffic available on both a CPA and RevShare Basis.
SMS- Similar to email - this traffic channel focuses on driving mobile traffic to your offer via SMS text messages. As more and more people switch their attention over to mobile, this traffic source has become all the more reliable in delivering results at an affordable rate.
Ringless Voicemail - Another mobile traffic source- this simple but yet powerful method of promotion has proven it’s effectiveness time and time again for virtually any direct response campaign. It works by leaving a recorded voicemail on the users phone WITHOUT ringing the device. Advertisers who test their offers with Ringless Voicemail often notice a sharp increase in conversion almost instantaneously.
Display/Native - Display and Native traffic have become abundant over the last few years. There is more unsold display traffic than any other kind online - which makes it very affordable and very scalable! Our publishers work with a variety of traffic platforms to achieve results for your campaign - let us put display traffic to work for you!
Social PPC - In the current day and age, more people are spending more time on social networks than ever before. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. - and these are all traffic sources that deliver on quality! Many of our affiliates are seasoned social network marketers - and can drive a virtually endless amount of leads to your offer with even just one platform alone.
SEM- Search Engine Marketing is one of the oldest types of traffic sources available. Ads are placed at the top or side bar of a search engine (usually Google or Bing) - and traffic from user searches is sent to your offer!